Friday, October 5, 2012

Sketchbook Pages: Altered Book

I really enjoy working in my altered book, Amber (that's the title of the book; the author is Jacqueline Wilson... not that you can read it anymore). Usually I start by covering the text with gesso, but that hint of layers is what makes me happy. Here are the last two finished pages from the book - I'll have more soon though. I picked up some new supplies yesterday afternoon, and I've been using them on a new spread.

More on that later. First, here's a page I started a long time ago and then finished more recently.
The layers include gesso, charcoal writing, paint, collage and washi and masking tape. It isn't my favourite page, but I do like the red flower lined up with the collaged paper.

Now here's a more recent page, and a favourite of mine:
For this one, I started with watercolour paper that I had striped with black plaka and a fan-shaped brush. I gave it a wash of purple India ink, then dripped more and finished with an appropriate phrase.
You can see all the finished pages from my Amber book in this folder on Flickr.

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Angie said...

I do like the green colour on the first spread. It contrasts very nice with the red, and because of the emerald / teal shade of it, it doesn't look Christmas-y with the red.