Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why MMGers Rock!

As I may have mentioned, I participate in the More Meaningful Gifts (MMG) Buy and Replace (BnR) thread. The purpose of these types of threads is basically to garner more sales - you buy onto the list & get kicked off the list when someone buys from you. And most BnR threads in the Etsy forums are like this. But the MMG BnR is so much more. Here's why.

In the words of my friend iWunder (I couldn't have said it better myself - which is why I'm totally stealing her words, hehehehe - what are friends for???):

Reasons I like this BNR the best, and don't even bother with others anymore:

1. We TALK to each other. About real stuff.

2. We give each other POSITIVE advice and constructive criticism.

3. We're friends.

4. It's not pages and pages of sale announcements, posting and running, swirly squiggly shapes and annoying rows of stuff at the beginning of every post.

5. We laugh and cry. We care about each other.

6. We notice when someone is missing for even a day or two.

7. We convo each other, friend each other on fb, follow each other on twitter, friend each other on flickr.

8. We heart each others items, and mean it.

9. We send freebies to each other, just because.

10. Oh yeah, and we buy from each other. But notice how this is number 10 on the list and the least important thing here.


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H20works said...

I LOVE MMG!!! I have learned so much about how to run my Etsy business from these very talented ladies. On days, when I'm feeling down, they always lift me up, whether they realize it or not.


Bianca said...

Amen sister!