Sunday, August 16, 2009

Craft Show Prep...

Preparations for my craft show are in full swing - less than a month away! When I went home for a week-long vacation, I took advantage of the country setting. First, I "hired" my dad ... ok, I just told him he had to make me some displays. They're going to look like trees (made with fallen branches) & I'll hang jewelry & paper globes from them.

I also harvested some moss from their forest to make terrariums.
I was quite pleased to find many different types of moss - green, red, star-shaped... My mom had a few vintage Mason jars that I could use for these & I think they turned out very nicely. In fact, I'm probably going to keep the largest jar for myself...
My mom also gave me a stack of vintage sheets to use as table clothes / signs. Since I have so many sheets, I decided to cut into a few & make some simple drawstring baggies (for sending off any items I sell). I could just buy bags, but I wanted something more personal (and save a bit of money). So far, I've cut out & sewn together 72 light blue bags (out of one sheet).
[That orange-flowered sheet they're sitting on is my favourite.]
Actually, I'm almost done them - I just have to press & sew the top seam (and add the ribbon drawstring).

My mom also helped me find 2 big blue umbrellas to ward against the elements (I wanted a tent, but they are way more money than I have to invest... even used ones & especially for my very first show). All in all, things are coming along VERY nicely. I just have to work super hard at building up my inventory & organizing myself.

Unfortunately, my second committee meeting (for my Master's degree) is the day before my craft show. Plus, school is starting up that week & I have to prepare for TAing (I teach an undergrad lab - radioligand binding experiments). So... time is limited & I'm BUSY. I apologize in advance for neglecting my blog, online friends & Etsy shop (although I've already been neglecting that)! Wish me luck!


mchen said...

Woohoo! Glad to hear you're doing a show — what a great way to connect with your customers and meet other creative-heads in your community. You sound pretty organized, which is great considering all the stuff you've got going on. A few things to make sure you have (having done about a dozen shows now):
- business cards
- a sign for your table that says your name
- clearly marked prices
- a float or money bag with enough change
- a way to keep inventoary (list or invoices)
- a sign-up sheet for a newsletter (this is handy to have email addresses of interested folks)
- a mirror in case people want to try some of your jewelry on and see what it looks like
- camera (make sure to take pics!)
- a damp cloth in a ziploc (super handy when your hands get mucky but then you need to handle products)

... I could go on but I've already written a novel, haven't I?

One more thing: Kick butt!!! :)

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

LOVE the terrariums girlfriend!!! I want one! :) Zachary and I are planning on making one with the sand and sea shells he brought back from Cape Cod!

Splendid Little Stars said...

very busy! How do you keep moss alive in a terrarium? I haven't had much luck.