Friday, August 14, 2009

Let's explore the cottage!

Yesterday we took a boat ride out on Lake Nipissing & arrived at my gramma's cottage. I promised I'd give you a tour of the island - so here it is! I have a video tour which might make more sense, but it's on my laptop at home. So you'll get some pictures for now & the video later! First, let's start out at the boat house.From here, we head to the left, up a path to my gramma's cottage. Here's a better view of the path, from further back in the little park.Up the path we go. To the right you can see the gazebo.Behind the gazebo is pumpa's new shed.By the way, pumpa is what we call my grampa - my older brother was their first grandchild & that's how he pronounced grampa as a baby. And it stuck. That's him going into his shed.In this photo, we're standing on the path leading to the boat house (behind). The path leading to the right goes to the back dock. But... what's that?The outhouse! Hehehehe - don't worry though, we don't have to use this unless the power goes out! Let's walk to the back dock quickly.To the right, there's a short path to the back rock, where we occasionally have a bonfire (if it isn't too windy that is).Alright, let's go back to the cottage.And from the front:On the deck at the front:To the left of the door:To the right of the door:From here, you can see memere's cottage.Let's take a closer look at memere's cottage.The steps to the right lead to the rocks you can see from gramma's cottage. These steps lead to the back of the cottage & the point. I climbed to the top of the steps to see this:Stairs leading down to the point. From the point, memere's cottage looks like this:The point is just a rock jutting out at the edge of the bay formed by the island. My mom, her sisters & cousins used to swim here all the time when they were kids. My brothers, cousins & I stuck to the beach instead (which is owned by my gramma's brother) - this is at the bottom of the little bay:And last but not least, the view:Next up - a video tour of the island. Then a few pictures inside the cottage. I hope you're enjoying your "stay"!

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Beautiful photos,thank you for sharing them with us!