Saturday, August 1, 2009

MMG August Challenge: Peacocks

I spend a lot of time chatting with the wonderful, crafty ladies on the MMG BnR thread. Peacocks were the focus of our discussion the other week & someone decided we should have a challenge for the month of August. The challenge is to create something inspired by peacocks (of course).

To get us in the mood while I'm away on vacation, I'll be blogging peacocks all week. Today I wanted to feature the lovely MichelleBrusegaard, whose peacock cards have been in my favourites for ages. I absolutely adore the personalizable ones in gray & fuschia - I keep trying to give myself an excuse to buy a set.These smaller cards in the same colour way (with a hint of teal) are also very tempting.This chocolate and curry combination is also quite stunning.

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Bambu Earth said...

Love them, the colors are stunning!