Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Creative Space: New Shelving

I was going to post some sketchbook pages for my creative space, as I have a few from over the holidays... but that would be a bit misleading. I really haven't been crafting much over the past month. I've just been too busy with the holidays, getting into a new work routine and settling into our new place.

On that last note though, I have been creative in an interior decorator sort of way. Once we'd moved all our furniture into our new place, it was clear that we would need a few new shelves. Not only did we have more books than what our old shelves could hold, but some books had been in storage and one of my shelves is in the kitchen holding tea pots (you can see that here).

So, at the beginning of December, we bought this shelf from IKEA (Expedit). I've loved this shelf since I moved to Hamilton over 8 years ago (it didn't fit into that tiny apartment or budget) and couldn't wait to add it to our living room (please ignore the top of the shelf... those are all things I have yet to hang on the wall).

After that was set up, we soon realized that we'd need another shelf (I hadn't realized just how many books were packed away in storage!). Back to IKEA we went and found this perfect bookcase with doors (Billy). Again, please ignore the mess and spot lights that still need to be hung inside the shelf (they're just hanging in the back of it for now):
I went with half wood, half glass doors so that I could display my breakables up top and hide books, magazines and other things on the bottom.

Lastly, we needed a bit more organizational space in the kitchen and our only option was to hang something on the wall. We went with another IKEA shelf and bar with accessories to hang off it (all Grundtal):
We also have a magnetic strip still to hang (to hold spice canisters and knives), but I can't decide if I want it on the wall here (lower left) or above the stove...

Anyway, I think that's all the furniture we need for now. The place is really starting to look good. There's one stack of boxes in the living room that need to be sorted and donated, then the only room that's left to work on is the office. I can't wait to get my craft space back!

You can see more creative spaces here.


Angie said...

The apartment is looking good! I love that square shelving too, and "adopted it" into my storage space with James moving in (he has two of the 2x4 boxes) We have one in the living room, with a couple fabric boxes to hide the wires / gaming odds and ends - they're great!

Kelly Ingram said...

I'm a huge fan of the Expedit shelving systems although mine doesn't look anywhere near as neat as yours! Yours looks so lovely. Have fun making your new place your home :-)

Katherine said...

Best part of this post: all of the Nancy Drew books!! How cool that you still have so many of them!