Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Creative Space

I was on a collage kick all weekend & early this week. I went through a few magazines & cut them to pieces, filing away words, images, colours & textures that inspire me. Some elements were just asking to be used though & I had to glue them down right then & there.

Here are a couple of those sketchbook pages.
I love the colour combo in this photo from an Anthropologie catalogue. Simply stunning!

Experiments with colour & common themes.Experiments with words, alone or with images - I love using words in collages!This is probably one of my favourite pages - the image of 3 bracelets is a perfect mimic of bacteria, as is the patterned paper in the background.Finally, another piece inspired by Matisse, like those I showed 2 weeks ago.
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Jodi Wiley said...

Nice! I haven't tried anything like this in years. I think it's time to get the scissors and glue out! Thanks for the inspiration :)