Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hamilton to New Jersey (Part 2)

Around 10 AM last Saturday, we were making pretty good time. So when we saw an exit for a shopping mall, we decided to stop real quick. It was our first time inside a Macy's (though we didn't really look around much, we went straight into the mall). We shopped for nearly an hour & then continued on our way to New Jersey.

Here are the photos from the second leg of our trip down:

10 AM - shopping break!

11 AM - Pennsylvania

11:30ish AM - gas stop
Driving through Pennsylvania was beautiful - the mountains were stunning:

12 noon - New Jersey!

12:30 PM - neat bridge

1 PM - almost there!
Dorana lives in a very picturesque area, with woods all around:
And then we were there!

The shower was lovely - everyone was very friendly even though no one knew us. Dorana's mom was particularly sweet. She made sure we packed some food & treats with us to take for the drive to the hotel. They played a really fun game too - like the Newlyweds game, Dorana had to answer some (baby-related) questions, but she had to answer what she thought her husband Todd had replied. With every right answer, they revealed a photo of what they thought the baby would look like. It ended up being a hilariously hideous mash-up of their faces. So much fun!

Dorana was beyond surprised that I was there (I hadn't told her we were coming). She arrived a bit late & entered in a rush to go to the washroom. I was practically standing in the doorway & she looked straight at me, but she was in such a hurry that I don't think it really registered. The whole time she was in the bathroom, she was thinking to herself: "I did NOT just see Amanda & Pat! No way!" It was such a great surprise!

I'm angry at myself though - after taking pictures all morning, I didn't take a single one while I was there. I don't have any of the two of us together. So disappointing! I guess I'll just have to make another trip down soon! There's a little person that I'm looking forward to meeting anyway!

I'll tell you more about our sweet suite & the shopping we got done & post more pictures of the ocean later!


Katherine said...

Oh man, is that a sign for I-81 South I see?! Fond memories going up and down 81, going between home and college and the occasional visit to a friend. Seeing that "Pennsylvania Welcomes You" sign always cheers my heart a bit!

It's an absolutely lovely drive, too.

Dorana said...

oh honey! it was the absolute most WONDERFUL shower present to have you and Pat there! i still have to upload all the pictures that my sister took of the shower and hopefully i'll have some fun ones of us to share. i know that it will be something i'll remember forever and i'm so blessed that you made the road trip down to share it with us! xoxoxo

siempre - dorana

Lizzie Barbie said...

Great pictures. I love the trees and the mountains.