Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What I did this afternoon

I was itching like crazy this morning.

Don't worry - it isn't hives or anything!! This was a creative itch. And it needed to be satisfied.

Most of all, I wanted to pull out my sewing machine. But what to make......?

Well, I found this great tutorial for a sweet shoulder bag over on tiny happy and just had to make it!I'm definitely not an expert with my sewing machine yet (only pillows and pincushions so far), so there were a few mistakes along the way, but generally it turned out pretty nicely. I chose a fun Michael Miller pattern (pom pom dot in creme) for the outside and a deep navy blue for the lining. Of course, the amount of fabric I had wasn't quite enough, so I made the middle / top of the strap in the navy. Inside is a matching pocket: And a loop and funky button to hold it closed:This was so much fun to make!!! I'm really pleased with how it turned out! I'm tempted to try again with some different fabric.... not that I have enough in any one pattern. Patchwork anyone?


deslynnwdesigns said...

This came out fabulous. Keep making more.

H20works said...

Cool! What a great way NOT to have to make a button hole, I never was good at those. You should seriously think aobut making these to sell Amanda!


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Amanda -

It looks AWESOME!! You did a wonderful job!!
I wish I could sew!!!

I am glad you were able to satisfy your "itch!"

:O) :O) :O)

melissa said...

so nice! i'm glad you liked the pattern. :)

Diet Menu said...

Good blog shared. Keep on posting. :).

LiPeony said...

wow it looks amazing! i wanted a shoulder bag similarly. =D