Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Item of the day: Silk Scarf

Recently, I've fallen in love with hand-painted silk scarves. It all started with this gorgeous blue & orange poppy one from bellacosaart - I wear it often, especially with my navy trench coat. I love how the soft silk feels against my neck.

So of course, I can't stop browsing the beautiful silks in all their hand-painted glory. This purple/black/green abstract one from gilbea really caught my eye. Then I spent hours browsing through this shop - it's stocked full of wonderful silk! Which is your favourite gilbea scarf?

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Deana Mattos said...

thanks for mentioning my silk scarf, I am so glad you love it, sorry about the obsession that I started :) silk does that too and then once you try handpainted it is tough to go back lol
that gilbea silk scarf is beautiful too, nice shop