Monday, June 29, 2009


Rosemary has been the family bunny for over 6 years - she was such a shy little thing when we first got her. But in the last few years, she had the run of the house. As soon as both my parents woke up, she would demand part of her breakfast from each of them, scratching at their legs & grunting until she got her way. When my mom cleaned her cage, she'd immediately get in & start rearranging the new straw.She was so sweet. So special.
She went missing this past Wednesday. By now, we're sure she's gone.

At my parents place, there's a sliding glass door that's almost constantly open in the summer. On Wednesday night, my dad's birthday no less, the door was left open, unsupervised, for 30 minutes, max. In previous years, Rosemary would go sit on the porch if people were around, but she hadn't all last year - since my parents got a big German Shepperd pretty much. So it isn't likely that Rosemary got out. What is likely is that one of the dogs got in. My brother lives down the road, & they have a Husky that has killed wild rabbits before (she's never eaten them, but Buster, the Shepperd has eaten a couple of our chickens....) so it was most likely them.

My parents are crushed. Poor Rosemary. The worst part is not knowing - there are no traces of the deed. No strewn hay through the house, no blood, no fur, no nothing. It's a lot easier when there's a body to bury.Here she is with Pork Chop, our awesome 3-legged cat who also just disappeared a couple of years ago. My two favourite childhood pets - just gone.

I've cried more for Rosemary than any other pet - possibly because I haven't seen her since Easter, and now I never will again. And also because she was so special, she'll always have a special place in my heart - my first bunny (and you all probably know how much I love bunnies). All I have to remember her by are these 4 pictures.

Rest in peace, sweet Rosemary.


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Uli - Nice post, I hoped it helped a little. Sorry for the loss of Rosemary - she was cute!

Amanda said...

Thanks Niki - it did help a bit.

When I go home in August, I'll (hopefully) pick out a new bunny with my mom. That will also help - tiny furry bundles of warmth tend to do that. :)

H20works said...

Awe, so sorry, I cry something awful at the loss of pets, and you got me tearing up reading this. Sending you a great big hug, thought I'm sure it's of little comfort. ((((HUG))))


Angie said...

I'm so sorry about Rosemary :(...this week is actually the "anniversary" of Belle's death two years ago. Losing pets are so hard, it's amazing how much you love them.

mchen said...

Aw, Amanda... i'm so so sorry to hear about Rosemary. She sounds like a sweetie. I'm sending you an e-hug!