Monday, June 15, 2009


This summer, on July 7, Pat & I will celebrate 8 year together. I was only 14 when he first called me (after trying to get my friend Angie to get me to call him) - we talked for hours on the phone each day that summer (and winter). On our 2 year anniversary, he bought me a simple gold promise ring that I've been wearing since. But lately, we've been talking about getting some matching ring - no, no, no, we aren't getting engaged or anything - I just like the sentiment and have wanted him to have a ring too.

After much discussion, we went with these ones by titaniumknights. I love their simplicity & the texture of the brushed finish. We should get them just in time for our anniversary! I can't wait!


Angie said...

It's not 8 years already is it!? Oh, highschool days :) They were pretty awesome! You and Pat were inseparable once you were together ;)...remember the Vice Principle! hehe.

Very nice rings :)

Soulybarb said...

That is so cool. Love the rings.
My husband and I met in my last yr. of high school and his first yr. of college.
What can I say, we have been together 42 yrs..and 3 daughters later, and still in love.
Mind you we have had our times, but worked through it. Congratulations! Barb