Monday, June 8, 2009


I just registered for my first craft show - can you tell I'm excited???

It's going to be on September 12th, in the parking lot at Mohawk College (or the 13th, if the weather is bad). It's their 28th annual Garage Sale ... and I'm so excited! I get 3 parking spaces and 2 6' tables (well, one, but I ordered a second one - I think I'll need it, plus, "premium spots" for more money have 2 tables).

Since it's outdoors, I think I should rent / invest in a tent. I'd rather not risk being in open air - plus a tent is more professional. I'm leaning towards renting one since this is only my first show, but it will depend on whether I find any sweet deals.

Now I have to work on piling up my inventory and inventing creative ways to display my items. I acquired some good ideas from friends & the Storque articles (and from browsing a Flickr group) ... but I want to ask you, my blog readers, for ANY advice you may have for a newbie craftshow vendor! Please?

And if you're in the area on September 12th, I hope to see you there!


Jean said...

Good luck and and keep up the good work. This is just a start of a fruitful business for you. small business helps a lot in making a difference in times of crisis. Thanks for sharing.

Elise said...

Awesome! Congratulations!!!

I'm still too scared to try a show.

From a buyer's perspective, a tent/canopy is a good thing, regardless of the weather. If it's sunny, you don't have to squint, and if it's overcast/drizzly, you have some shelter while browsing.

I've heard several other sellers recommend bringing a book, just in case. You can't avoid downtime, and it helps keep you from going stir-crazy ;)

Tia Colleen said...

I haven't been to a craft show in SO long. I've only participated in one, the Girlie Show in Oklahoma City, back in 2007. It was a lot of fun, I wish I could do more. I wish I lived back in Portland where the craft shows are in full bloom. Good luck on prepping for yours! I can't wait to see how it turns out.