Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sweet little face

My nephew Edward is adorable. Every time I see him, he's grown and changed so much. Here he is at Easter, discovering a pack of gum - this kid loves sweets: gum, candy, chocolate, pop. But he's already had 2 pieces of gum from this pack: the first he swallowed almost right away and the second he threw in the garbage because it was too "hot".Of course he wanted another one.Gum? Who could resist this face? Mean old Auntie Amanda had to tell him no...

My digital camera has a setting where it takes 3 pictures in rapid succession. That way, at least one of them has perfect focus and lighting. I love to use it with this fast-moving 2-year-old - you can catch small changes in his expression. Like here - smile for the camera Eddy:I'll bet you can't help but smiling right back!

1 comment:

LiPeony said...

aww so cute... the 3 snaps in succession sounds great to have... man my brother is like that with a huge sweet tooth. =D