Saturday, April 4, 2009

Etsy Purchase: Less is More

I featured idea2lifestyle a week or so ago, and I received the skirt I ordered from them Wednesday. I LOVE it! It is so comfortable and flowy! Here are some pictures I took of myself ... hence, they aren't that great, but you get the idea.The pockets are edged in cream, and are pleated. There's also a pleat in the back and in the front... plus, the way it ties creates another pleat. This really adds to the walking-in-a-cloud feeling.The waist band is really cool. Here it is untied, and you can see there are 2 buttonholes and 3 buttons. This allows for a lot of adjustment - it's basically one-size-fits-most. So normally I will wear it with the 2 first buttons in both buttonholes. But if I'm having a fat day, I'll loosen it to where the first button is in the furthest hole.
I wore this to my research day Thursday, and I felt like I was floating around all day. In this last picture, you can see another Esty purchase of mine: the vintage mirrored tray hanging on the wall behind my head is from RiverBazaar. The heart hanging from the mirror is from lilfishstudios.


Angie said...

that's beautiful! and perfect for spring too, when it's too cold for pants, but not warm enough for the shorter skirts :)

Anonymous said...

They are not handmade, they are not unique, they are already sold thousands in China: