Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Weekend!

We're heading up North this evening, going home for Easter weekend. I'm really looking forward to it, we don't get to go home very often - mostly because it's a 4 to 5 hour drive and we don't have a vehicle. But we've rented a car for the long weekend, and we're driving up with Pat's sister and her boy friend (who's also from the area).

This is what my parents' yard looked like last time I was there:Apparently, there's still a little bit of snow but it should be a lot warmer than it was at Christmas.
Brrrr. Remind me to pack my boots and a warm scarf.

Hehehe, who am I kidding... I'm still wearing my boots every day.

Like I said, I'm really looking forward to going. And there are some little ones looking forward to seeing their Auntie. Probably because I'll be bringing these up with me:This one is for Eddy, my brother's brat. Or little angel, depending who you talk to. OK, fine, he's a little angel no matter who you talk to. And he has quite the sweet tooth, just like his father (and aunt).

This one is for his older brother, Dustin:This kid's 12 and hard to buy for... but he collects rocks, so I slipped a few agate slices in here. You can see an orange one peaking up at the front.

This last one is for miss Jaden:Obviously, buying for a princess is easy. Plus, almost all Easter packages have 3 or 4 eggs: a blue one, a green/yellow one and a pink one ... guess who got the pink?

Now all 3 of them got 2 of these, a surprise ball:They have a plastic egg core (filled with chocolate) and are wrapped (and wrapped) in streamers... with little toys and gifts hidden between the layers. They're really fun to unravel - I first made them some for Halloween last year. Jaden has already been asking my mom about when I'm coming up ... and whether I might be bringing some of these!

Fun fun! I can't wait for tomorrow, which is when my mom is having her supper and we're giving out treats. Saturday will be at Pat's parents' place, and then Sunday evening we're traveling back. Poor Pat has to work Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone - I know I will!


H20works said...

Awww! What a nice Aunty you are! You are going to make a fabulous mom one day!

I hope you have a great Easter holiday visit with your family Amanda!


My Journey said...

Great pictures! The snow scenes are beautiful. That's a long drive too. I'll bet the kids are going to love their Easter gifts. I hope you have a lovely and safe trip.