Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt!

I'm back in Hamilton, and - lucky me - I have the day off. I plan on catching up on some sleep, but first, I wanted to post some (lots of) pictures of the Easter egg hunt my mom had for the kids. She also made a bunny cake (I helped decorate :) - it was delicious lemon cake with cool whip icing. mmmmmmmmmmm

Let's start the hunt with one very excited little boy:He was moving fast!Jaden found an egg behind a cast iron chicken! And Eddy just added a few more to his basket! Mine!Eddy found another egg behind this ceramic chicken - then smiled for the camera:Look, a big one!Getting a lift from dad (while smiling for Auntie and grandpa):Had to take a break to pet Rosemary, our bunny and the Easter bunny's girlfriend. Comparing their findings (recognize the baskets?).After finding a few eggs in this lego blimp, Edward decided to move all his loot into it.Afterwards, my mom went through a box of used clothing she got from one of my Aunts (clothes that no longer fit her daughters). There was a cute tshirt with a farm scene that fit Eddy. He put it on himself ... and managed to fit his head in the arm hole! I wasn't fast enough to catch a picture of the sleeve up around his face, but here he is struggling while everyone laughs at him. With a little help from grandma, we see that the shirt fits well. Show us your nice new shirt Eddy: Cheese!You can expect more pictures of my sweet nephew coming up soon!

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H20works said...

Adorable...I'm sitting here with a smile on my face. Glad you had a nice visit!