Saturday, April 25, 2009

MSOE April Challenge: Cretaceous Period

My Etsy team, the Mad Scientists of Etsy (MSOE), have a monthly challenge, and I couldn't come up with anything for last month's Darwin theme. This month's theme was the cretaceous period, and I was determined to participate.

But I had no idea. Really, I knew pretty much nothing about this period of time. So I turned to the trusty Wiki gods and found out that this is when bees evolved. Actually, flowering plants and bees likely co-evolved (in other words, neither would have arisen alone). I thought this was pretty neat, so I decided to make some jewelry with some cute little brass bee tags. I've seen plenty on Etsy and ordered some I liked. I also ordered some beads to go with it - I couldn't decide between some vintage German honeycomb beads and some crackled glass beads in a nice warm honey colour.

Everything came in, and I soon realized the bees were a little large for earrings. At least in my opinion. So a necklace it would be.

Do you think I could decide on which beads I liked more? I came up with a design for each, and just had to make 2 necklaces! The one with the beautiful honey glass turned out ok, but it sits kind of funny (the pendant part isn't heavy enough), so I'm going to have to work on it: The other one turned out beautifully:I really love these vintage beads and I'm glad I have some left over. If you'd like to pick up this little bee, check out my Etsy shop!

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Uneekdolldesigns said...

cute idea! love the bees! :)