Thursday, December 13, 2007

World Vision

Give the gift of hope this year. While out shopping for your loved ones, and dreaming of what you might be getting this year, take a moment to think of the children who have nothing this year.
I'd like to mention a little something my mom is doing for children in need this Christmas. Instead of a secret Santa this year, my mom convinced her co-workers to donate pyjamas to a pyjama fund that is put on my a small company in my home town. They have over 20 pjs to give to the charity... to kids that will be happy to get one pair of pyjamas, never mind toys from Santa, and grandma and Great Aunt Rose and....

There are millions of children world-wide who need your help. World Vision makes it easy for you to make a difference. Please click on this link, and read a short story from keeper of the chocolates and find out how you can enter to win something from her shop while contributing to a good cause!

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shelbi said...

how wonderful of you to link my post! and what a sweet thing of your family to do...pj's are the best things in life!

many hugs to you today!