Monday, December 3, 2007

Featuring: AdrienneN

Today I'm featuring AdrienneN. If you are looking to have something custom embroidered, be it towels, t-shirts, bags or aprons, or custom orders for groups or teams, be sure to take a look at this shop! Don't be shy to send her a convo, you'll definitely be able to work out exactly what you want. You'll also be able to find unique, handmade lampwork beaded jewelry, something AdrienneN has started carrying more recently.

Here are some of my favourites, but you really have to browse through this shop to get a feel for what she has to offer. There are many colours, styles and designs available, so look around. You'll definitely find exactly what you're looking for!

First off, are AdrienneN photos gorgeous? I love the frame she adds to them. And this bracelet... simply stunning! Turquoise and brown make sure a lovely pair, and these flowered lampwork beads are beautiful. Snatch it up while you can!

Now for some embroidery, all customizable. Like this lovely tote bag. Remember I said about choosing colours, designs and such? Well, for this tote, you can choose the colour of the bag (shown in lime green here), the embroidered design and letter (shown with an A and flowers)... and, well, there's more to choose from, and other bags to see in store. But I like this one ~ it seems to have already been customized for me!

I also really like these towels... they really are just plane cute! They would be a perfect gift for any little boy since those cool planes are flying across the sky.

Speaking of gift for the little ones, look at these super cute designs you can choose from to have embroidered on a onesie. What did I tell you about choice and wide selection? These aren't even the only designs to choose from... I just really think the gingerbread men are cute, frolicking in the snow.

Hmm... it looks like I had the men in mind when I was shopping in AdrienneN (although this apron would be perfect for women too - in fact, it would really be perfect for a lady I work with). Know any avid fishermen? This would make a perfect and unique gift! This bright apron also comes in other colours if your particular man is a little more shy.

Do stop by this shop and take a look! Remember to send her a convo when you place your embroidery order, letting her know what you want and in what colours. For more information, check out her website and blog.

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