Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Featuring: earthcharms

Earthcharms has a very cozy feeling to the shop, where there's a welcoming atmosphere encouraging you to sit back and browse slowly through each item. You will find a wide selection of jewelry and other accessories made with knotted waxed linen and natural stones. You will soon see the influence of the metaphysical properties in each stone in the design of each piece. This shop is packed with wonderful gift ideas, intended to bring luck, health and prosperity into your life.

Plus, if you send in a picture of you wearing your earthcharm purchase, you'll receive 10% off your next order! What a great deal ~ and a great idea! I know most sellers would love to know where their product ends up... which is why I try to post in my blog about all my Etsy purchases. As usual, custom orders are welcome, so don't be shy and send her a convo!

Aren't those two chokers gorgeous? The top one in purple is called "night blooms" ~ I just love how the quartz beads stand out against the deep purple linen, and almost look like frozen rain drops on a tree branch. This green choker is called "dreaming and remembering" and is composed of prehnite and quartz beads knotted between olive and white linen cords. These stones enhance dreaming, remembering and positive energy.

Another great example of earthcharms knotted linen jewelry is this "wind in yer sails" pirate choker. The stunning focal donut is clear quartz and quartz and moss agate beads were knotted into the necklace. A real show-stopper! Oh, and if you'd prefer a clasp, just ask!

I really like how earthcharms describes herself in her profile, so here's the excerpt:

My name is: a title used to facilitate communication.
My home is: a little slice of paradise despite the paper-thin walls and windows.
My goal is: to make macrame fashionable.
My soul is: owned by a thieving kitty.
My dreams are: not all that unrealistic, and involve comfort instead of riches.
My life is: meant to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Here are a few more of my favourites: these "chance" earrings. I love the beautiful contrast between the two different sizes and colours of adventurine ~ such a beautiful grassy green! They simply dangle from simple silver chains. Something you could easily wear everyday!

If you haven't noticed, I went with a bit of a wintery - snowy - green theme with the items I chose. This lovely "courageous" star charm fits right in. The star is wrapped with wire and green adventurine, which symbolizes taking chances. A beautiful gift and ornament for the holidays, especially for anyone undergoing any major life changes - starting school, having a baby, moving into a new place, in the hospital, retiring. Which would pretty much cover at least one person, if not everyone, on your holiday shopping list!

Do be sure to check out this shop! There's a clearance section and a section with great gift ideas that you must check out! Oh yeah, I almost forgot ... I have another favourite. But it's for mature eyes only!!! Check it out, how cute are these??

Earthcharms can be found in many different places throughout the world wide web. Here they are: her website, myspace, flickr, weloveetsy, picasaweb (google) and, of course, definitely check out her blog for more features!


Sleepless in SoCo said...

This is one of the best write ups I have had! Thank you so much, I am grinning from ear to ear! :D

Lazy Cat Gifts said...

I think that star would make a lovely tree ornament!