Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Busy, busy...

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am CRAZY BUSY right now. My thesis rough draft is due on Monday and I've procrastinated way too much, as usual. I have 11 bracelets to solder, but when we tried 2 nights ago, we were having a lot of trouble. Last night, Pat got home too late for us to get a chance to solder.. and it's late again tonight, but I have to get these bracelets out!! So we'll have to do a couple, at least.

I also have a custom notebook to make for a trade. Well, a custom notebook and 2 custom accordion-style notebooks. So those need some time and attention to get finished.

I've made some really great trades!! And won some contests. And held a contest. I so want to update... maybe next Tuesday I'll finally get a chance. Until then, I'm taking lots of pictures and saving them so that I can show you everything I've gotten recently. And there's a lot! I've mentioned before that a lot will have to wait until after the holidays, since there's many gifts.

Feature coming up. These will also be particularly short and reliant on pictures. So sorry!

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