Saturday, December 1, 2007

NEW: Christmas tags!!

I've been posting new items like crazy!! Ok, not really, but I had stopped posting for a while, and things accumulate. I've been posting a new bracelet almost everyday this week, and some have already been sold or traded away! Here are my new posting for today:

Red wine button bracelet:Snowfall at dusk notebook ~ this is such a pretty notebook!! I just love how it turned out, and the blue-purple snowflake pattern is gorgeous!:And finally, my new Christmas tags!!
What do you think? These are the first tags I've posted. They all feature some lovely paper I got from fellow Etsyan thienthanh. I'm not too sure if they'll sell... but I can always use them myself if they're still around late December, I guess. I think they're pretty cute anyway!

Keep an eye out, I'll be posting more soon (and a feature coming up too)!

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