Saturday, December 8, 2007

Featuring: arosebyname

I'm a little behind in my features, but now that the rough draft for my thesis is submitted, I can take the time to catch up on Etsy. Today I'm featuring arosebyname, a really beautiful shop filled with lovely beaded items. The artist behind this shop, Anna, and her two daughters tried beading many years ago, and she's enjoyed it ever since! As the girls grew older, and she more skilled, the beads became smaller, as evidenced by the wonderful beadweaving you can see in store. Although her girls no longer bead, he youngest does create original cards that can sometimes be found in arosebyname.

Here are a few of my favourites from this shop. First up is a gorgeous river of green beaded tealight holder. I love the subtle change in colour in the shiny green wave pattern, and the silver leaves around the top and rounds at the bottom finish off this candle holder, giving it a very professional look. This is definitely on my Christmas list!

Another great item for Christmas is this stunning red frankly, miss scarlet bracelet. Oh look! There's an X in the title of this piece.. that must mean it's on SALE!!! Get it while you can! Striking red seed beads and bicones are woven together to make a gorgeous bracelet that is all held together with a beautifully unique toggle clasp.
I really love this crystals and pearls bracelet and matching earrings. I absolutely love the combination of pearl with sparkly clear crystals. This classic set would be perfect for a wedding, Christmas or New Year party, or any special occasion. Everyone could use a little sparkle in their lives!! And these pieces are real show stoppers! You'll feel as glamorous as a movie star!

This next bracelet is another stunner. Rolling waves is quite a suitable name, as the way this bracelet was woven created blue waves that slowly transition from dark to light and back to dark. The lovely blue gradient bracelet is held closed with a remarkable shell-like etched button. This is really a piece you would wear again and again.

I just couldn't resist showing you one more bracelet. This watermelon plaid cuff is so sweet, it's sure to bring a smile and add a bit of brightness and cheer to your accessories. Held closed with an etched metal button, this bracelet is a must-have for spring ~ get it now so that you can wear it on those long, cold winter days where you can even remember what a hot, humid summer day feels like anymore.

Make sure to hop on over to arosebyname ~ there is so much more than just the jewelry I showed!! As always, check out her blog too (you might find a feature on me!)!


Anna said...

Thank you! What a great post and I'm so glad you like my pieces!

Lazy Cat Gifts said...

I really think her beadweaving is so impressive!