Saturday, June 26, 2010

So Lucky

Yesterday, I wanted to challenge myself - I've mentioned before how I've been inspired by Kelly Rae Robert's Taking Flight book & I wanted to take that inspiration & apply it to a mixed-media piece. Here's what I came up with:
If you've ever glanced at Kelly Rae's work, you can definitely see how I was influenced by her book. I combined a few of her techniques with what I hope is my own style. Can you see the resemblance between this girl & my goddesses?
One medium that I'm encouraged to play around with more is paint. In my collages, I tend to stick to pencil crayon & ink - I used that too in this piece, but I also incorporated some paint in the background & to make my figure, as the book shows.
I also used some graphite pencils, which really helped make the outlines pop.
When I was trying to decide on what theme or feeling to go with for this piece, I browsed through some old cards. I found quite a few from Pat & was feeling particularly loved after reading some of the sweet things he's written. So I decided to make this collage for him - and for me: as a reminder of just how lucky I am.
Indeed, "I am so lucky" kept playing through my head, so I wrote it on my girl's chest & collaged a heart over it. Then I noticed that Pat had written the same sentiment in one of his letters - which I highlighted.
So here was my process: after collaging the sentimental background, I sponged paint over top. I used doilies to get a neat pattern. Then I inked over all that. I used some gold & copper ink, so there's some shine to the piece. I sketched out the girl next & painted her in. Next came the finishing touches with graphite pencil, a few more collaged elements & a bit more ink & paint.
I'm really, really pleased with how it turned out. I realize the balance of the piece isn't perfect - there's a lot of empty space in the top left corner. I should have pushed my girl closer to center, but I didn't want her to have a crease from the collaged background in her face. Regardless, this piece definitely holds a special place in my heart & will have a place of honour on my shelf.