Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Five

This week certainly ended with a bang - apparently, it was my birthday yesterday... you'll soon see why!
  1. Pat & I had a great time last weekend - we went with a friend to Cleveland for a concert. We also saw the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which was pretty neat. No pictures though - I didn't bring the camera to the concert & I wasn't allowed to take any in the museum.
  2. I took a whole bunch of pictures this week though - mostly of new items I've been listing & some books I've been meaning to talk about on here.
  3. Yesterday, I went to work & received a gift from my friend. She picked up 2 books for me that we had seen at the Coach House Press during Open Doors Toronto! She got me Eunoia by Christian Bök & The Hayflick Limit by Matthew Tierney. I'll tell you a bit more about these later, once I've read through them.
  4. Pat came home last night & told me to close my eyes. I hear him rustling around in the closet... hiding a gift? My birthday is 2 months away... he never buys that far ahead....... "Open your eyes!" & surprise! A gift! What could it be? ....................... A NEW CAMERA!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOH - I was SO surprised!!! I've complained about the older camera I've been using, but I didn't expect I'd be getting a Nikon D3000, especially not yesterday!!!!!!! I'm SO excited! Pat's reasoning for giving it to me early (besides yesterday being the last day of a sale) was so that I could figure out how to use it properly before heading out on our trip to Edmonton in July. Take a look - this was the first shot I took: This is me playing with the macro:This shot makes me happy - I'll definitely be using this camera to take product photos!
  5. I've listed quite a few new things this week - this is my favourite: And OK, I really like this bracelet a lot too:

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