Saturday, June 12, 2010

Collections: Rabbit Figurines (revisited)

So collections are the latest blogging trend & one of the first ones I posted was of my rabbit figurines. I've acquired more since then, so I decided to show you the newer ones.

First, I picked up pretty Simone from the Etsy shop nostalgiafactory. She is adorable! I love her little French heart & soft pink "fur".

Next, I found this adorable set of vintage bunnies in the shop ModishVintage. These 3 are so sweet - I love their expressions!

I also bought another set of 3 rabbits - these are hand-painted & were found in DarkHorseStore. I liked how they sort of mimicked the previous set, but in a larger scale.

So I've realized most of my bunnies are white! I guess I'll have to start searching for gray, brown & black bunnies now!

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