Saturday, June 19, 2010

Collections: ACEOs

Seeing as I'm hosting my ACEO swap right around now, I thought it was a good time to show you my own ACEO collection. Especially now that it's all organized into a binder (well, almost all - I still have a few on my walls).
So, from left to right, top to bottom:
The backs are almost as beautiful:
Here's the second page:
Again, from left to right, top to bottom:
Here's page 3:
Page 4:
  • Daisies by artbydonnarose
  • The End by TheSecretNest
  • Morning Lute by jerise
  • Dia De Los Muertos by ... hmmm... dre...? That's what the signature looks like. I think I got it with one of my other ACEOs, but I can't remember now...
  • Spring by nikid2
  • Unicorn by Belinda Hall (formerly of bellsakabin)
  • Linden Trees by jerise
  • The Visitor by GrayArt
OK, last page (only 2 more landscapes):Now, that we're finished flipping through the binder, let's have a look around the apartment. I have 2 more by Jerise hanging on my wall beside my craft desk (Ocean 2 and Water Hose):Right above that hangs a magnetic board with this cute Baby Jackrabbit by tapestry316 (you can also see a sweet magnet by misseskwittys here):My craft desk has a magnetic whiteboard where I've pinned my first Goddess ACEO - Aphrodite - and Homegrown by GrayArt (the little house magnet is by thelittlereddoor).When I sit at my desk, there's a small space of wall right in front of me - I have these 2 ACEOs there (along with some Doodlage artwork & a wooden 7 I collaged):The top one is Trees by willowcatstudio & the bottom one is A Wooden House by wendy_kirk.

I also have The Bright Guys by Cheryl Schmidt on my fridge (again, this one was included with the purchase of something else, so I don't have any link...):And finally, I have FauxBois Tree by BrowningtonForest framed in my living room:Not too shabby a collection, if you ask me! I can't wait to add in the next one from ACEO-X!

Which one is your favourite?


johnniebelinda said...

Beautiful collection, love the diversity of styles of each artist.

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

SWEET!!! I would need a lot more posts to show all of mine - what a great idea!

Kate said...

What a great collection! I'm so happy to see the one I made in there too :) What a variety you have! Can't wait for ACEO-X 3.0 to finish!

Unknown said...

Very nice! You have good taste.

sheara121 said...

wow, lots of pretties! love the framed tree

Unknown said...

Such a wonderful set! I love this card, too - so cheery. I need to get busy!

Eve Sanchez said...

They are all so beautiful. I'd like to join in the fun!