Saturday, March 20, 2010

Test Drive

It's official - we're going to test drive a few cars today. That's right - Pat's finally looking into getting his first vehicle. Pretty exciting! Well, I guess it'll be "our" first vehicle in the sense that I'll help with the payments & get driven around... I'm still not planning on learning how to drive.
The reason for getting a car all of a sudden doesn't have to do with Pat's recent promotion (though that helps) - it's because he's almost finished with the project he's on. He's a software developer, so once one project is done, he gets hired on by another, all while working for one company, Accenture. When he first started, he worked for CN (& got to travel to headquarters in Montréal). Now he's working for a company in France, so he gets to work from home (lucky bum, I know!). He's finished on the 31st though & another company is interested in him. He'd have to work at the client site in Mississauga though - not at the office that is conveniently accessed by one GO bus.

So he really needs a car. Never mind how convenient it's going to be for doing groceries & traveling home! Plus, we'll probably take it on our trip out West this summer (my whole family is driving out to Edmonton - more on this later).

Today we're going to a used car dealership in Hamilton to test drive a 2005 Saab & a few BMWs. Hehehe - that's right. One of the reasons we waited so long to get a car in the first place is so that the first one could be nice. Pat has really been agonizing over this for a couple of weeks now though. He isn't sure what his best option is (new, used, buy out a lease, etc)... but I know he'll find something. I'm glad we're taking that first step forward (well, second since Pat's already been to the bank to get financing) - I can't wait to go for a ride!