Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Five

This week flew by, even though I was all alone for most of it (and Pat still isn't back - hopefully today). Here's how I passed the time:
  1. I crafted: working on custom orders, my MSOE challenge, a necklace and some sketches/collages in my sketchbook.
  2. I bought and received (2 days later - I love living near the distributing centre for 2 books on Wednesday: a Charley Harper colouring book & Humans, Nature & Birds by Wheye & Kennedy. Gorgeous books.
  3. Thursday I volunteered for Health Research Under the Microscope (4th year in a row). I had to get up super early to be there for 7:30 & help set up. I also helped with registration - a number of high schools in the surrounding area came with a select few students to learn about careers in science. I was also a mentor for the morning - I went around a few tables & talked about my "career" in science. It was a lot of fun!
  4. We had our very last class on Thursday. Now I have 2 weeks to write a 25 page essay (double-spaced & including references, so not too bad). I'm going to compare & contrast the synthetic smooth muscle cell & the myofibroblast.
  5. I fixed my lightbox & took a whole bunch of pictures of new items to list. But first I need to edit them...
I did list these tags though:

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