Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Off to Montréal... (updated)

No, not me. Unfortunately. But Pat is. Lucky bum (sort of - he isn't exactly going for fun).
Monday morning Pat found out that CN needed him - this is the project he finished with 2 months ago (the project was more or less finished, but still on-going for support, with a reduced staff). He was needed in Montréal. Like 2 days ago.

A little short notice if you ask me.

Apparently some issue that was previously logged is now AN ISSUE. Since Pat worked on it, he should be able to help.

Patrick Lafond AP, to the rescue!
So he booked a flight & hotel, wrapped things up with his current project, got ready, packed & was out of here by 2:30 to catch a 4:30 flight out of Toronto. His current project lead expects him back by Friday (back at home that is since the project is in France), so he booked a Thursday evening flight back.... but who knows if he'll be able to catch it. It'll depend on how quickly he can work his magic. Though his co-worker was there on the weekend, Pat said he definitely wouldn't be doing the same. So I'll see him in 4 days at the latest... Sucks, but at least I'll get lots of crafting done!
UPDATE: I heard from Pat today - he's discovered that the problem isn't theirs (in the code) but is rather the company's issue. They've had the issue since before the weekend, but it took *my* expert to figure this out. So he may be home sooner than we thought - but they'll still want him to fix it, so we'll see.

* AP = analyst programmer
* pictures taken in Montréal, summer of 2007 - the only time I've been

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