Thursday, November 6, 2008


Etsy is a wonderful community. I think I've mentioned this before. The crafters that sell through Etsy are extremely supportive, and I've become good friends with people all over the world.

One specific way that Etsy sellers are supporting new shops is through the sneak attack held via The Handmade Movement. Once or twice a week, a shop is sponsored and, at a specific time, everyone who wants to take part in the sneak attack goes to this one shop and buys something. This way, in a matter of minutes, a new shop with no sales can get over a dozen sales, along with the great feedback that comes out of it.

Now I know I've mentioned the More Meaningful Gifts BnR before. This is a list of awesome Etsy sellers with whom I chat in the forums every day, making close friends, and getting great advice on blogging, marketing, networking and much more. There are a good 30 to 40 shops that participate more or less regularly, and new shops are always welcome.

Anyway, the MMGers, as we call ourselves, have been talking about the sneak attack for a while. It really is a brilliant method to encourage everyone and bring a bit of surpise and joy to someone's day. So we decided that we would hold our first Sneak Attack last night and it was SUCH a success!

Tsurfer was the target of our first attack. We were all pretty excited because T is a lovely person with a really great shop who has found herself down on her luck during these unstable financial times. She was SO excited last night (and definitely deserving)! She made about 20 sales in a matter of minutes! I picked up this great purse organizer:
It was so much fun, and such a success that we're going to be holding our MMG Sneak Attack regularly, Wednesdays at 9PM Etsy time. If you want to participate, just stop by the MMG thread at that time and buy from the featured shop! If you want to have your shop added into the draw for an attack on your shop, you have to be on the list of active shops by 9AM that morning.

To get on this great list, find the latest MMG BnR thread in the forums. There's a new one each day, so just go to the forums and search "More Meaningful Gifts" and it should be the first thread to come up. Then buy from someone on the list and you're added on! Each day you have to check in at least once to help with the promotion of the thread, but you can stick around and chat too. You can chat even if you aren't on the list, we're pretty friendly.

I hope next Wednesday, the turnout is even better!


Dorana said...

uli thank you SO much for this great write up and your support! it was a wonderful night and the support we got from everyone was heart warming. thanks again!

siempre - dorana

TinkerWare said...

I think it is a wonderful movement to do the sneak attacks, you find new shops you have not viewed as well as support others in the crafting community. You wrote a wonderful piece that I think perfectly sums up your message.

Angie said...

that's such a great idea!