Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Item of the day: Santa's Belly

This card was just too cute for me to resist ~ I'm going to send it to my brother's family, where the kids will love it.I love how DzDesigns recycled a popcan tab for Santa's belt buckle.

While shopping at DzDesigns, I also came across a sweet card that says "For you and yours":
I loved the organic feel to this card ~ it's going to my aunt's family.

And finally, I picked up this gorgeous snowflake card saying "Home for the Holidays" ~ a perfect sentiment for us, since we head home for Christmas each year. I just loved the unique inside to this card:
If you're still looking for your holiday cards, do check out this shop! You're sure to find something that fits!


Angie said...

That santa card is too cute! Your borthers kids with absolutly love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Dz's cards really are fantastic! Wonderful choices.