Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Swap

I'm getting really excited about the coming holidays! I'm trying to decide what to get for my family and I think I'm close to being done. I also have my own list drawn up, and I hope I get the #1 item: a bread maker!

Last year, I did a Christmas cracker swap with the lovely Amy from Ruby Moon Arts. It was SO much fun ~ putting together a cracker, and receiving one in the mail. I love getting gifts in the mail! So this year, I knew I definitely wanted to participate in some sort of a holiday swap.

Remember that awesome More Meaningful Gifts BnR I keep talking about? The one where the people are so nice to chat to, and the advice flows like water? The one where we host a sneak attack every week? Yeah, that one. Well, one of the wonderful contributors, "sew" AKA Jessica from sewmanylittlethings, has offered to host our very own BnR holiday swap!!! Of course, I don't think you *have* to be part of the BnR to participate, but you can always stop by to chat!

If anyone is interested in participating, contact Jessica via convo. Let her know your address and the holiday you celebrate. The entry deadline is December 1st, and then Jessica will randomly pair up the participants. So you have to make something that will fit into your swap partner's holiday (which may or may not be the one you celebrate)! The mailing deadline is December 10th, and Jessica will send out reminder notices so no one forgets. Please only sign up if you intend on sending your partner something! There's nothing worse than participating in a swap and not getting anything!
I'm really excited ... and trying to decide what to make for my partner. I love Christmas time!

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