Friday, November 28, 2008

Item of the day: Shadow Pods

I've kept a personal journal since I was in the third grade. Throughout the years, my dedication to writing has varied, but I've always gone back to it with a renewed sense of commitment. I enjoy writing out my inner thoughts and feelings, as well as the mundane parts of my day. It helps me work through problems and decisions, and gives me a good laugh when I go back over things I've written years ago. Have I ever matured!

The point of all this is that I'm almost finished the notebook I've been chronicling in for the past year. I've always had store-bought journals, so I was quite excited at the prospect of getting myself a new, handmade one! My friend Angie recently purchased a journal (see her blog) and convinced me that moleskine was the way to go. I've also had a moleskine sketchbook before, and was impressed with the quality. So I wasn't planning on copying Angie's purchase, but after doing a general search through Etsy, the shop she chose seemed to be the way to go.

Shoofly has really pretty gocco designs.. I went with the shadow pods, in the larger size, lined:I'm writing a couple of pages a day now, just so I can finish the old notebook by the time I get my pretty new one! Can't wait!

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Unknown said...

I admire someone who can consistenly journel!

My on and off diary days go back to freshman year of HS. OMG, 1975!

I kept it locked and hidden. My little sister and her freinds found it and broke into it and read it and then teased me mercilessly. I got in trouble from Mom for trying to keep secrets.

Now, even if I write things down, I never write anything that I wouldn't want to share with everyone. I guess my blog is the same as a personal journal. It owudl be difficult, impossible! to guess my secrets from reading it.