Friday, October 10, 2008

Item of the day: MADD about you

Today I'm featuring a gorgeous necklace made by one of my friends I met through the Etsy forums (more specifically, the More Meaningful Gifts BnR) - dorana. The unique design of this necklace (patent pending) is what really struck me:
It's just so elegant. And the name of the piece, "Madd About You" isn't a typo - dorana will donate a portion of each necklace purchased to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Go check out her awesome shop today, and grab a napkin - you're going to be drooling!

1 comment:

Dorana said...

i dont know HOW i missed this amanda! but thank you for featuring my FAVORITE necklace! it's one of those i look at and always say "i dont know why you dont delete the listing - you KNOW you're gonna BAWL if it sells!" LOL thank you for all of your support!

siempre - dorana