Saturday, October 11, 2008

I have a package!

I received a lovely package in the mail Thursday from lilfishstudios. I was so impressed I'm inviting you to open it with me! Here's the beautiful package outside of its box - with a little felt heart as a bow!Sorry about the blurry photo here, but it was the only one I took of the cute little envelope, made out of recycled (vintage?) paper:The sweet little card:And the adorable moo card!OK, onto the package!
What could it be?
A bag full of love! 6 felt heart ornaments in total (7 if you count the one acting as bow)!
The burgundy, red and orange hearts (and the little one):
And the green, brown and butter-yellow hearts:I just love them! I have them on a dish with some gourds and paper globes. Plus, I'll be able to hang them on my Christmas tree!

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