Monday, October 20, 2008

Etsy Feature: adornyou

Since I had such a great weekend, and lots of sales during my weekend sale, I thought I would do a full-on feature today. Plus, I feel the need to show you one of my absolute favourite jewelry makers on Etsy: Sharon, from adornyou. I've traded with Sharon before, and have to say I wear those earrings A LOT! I was also thrilled to find out she lives just outside of Toronto, about an hour or so from me, here in Hamilton. Small world, eh?

First off, this Twilight Zone necklace is absolutely stunning. The sparkle of the vintage Czech glass topaz ring is really alluring and I love how the gunmetal really showcases the beautiful golden colour of the glass. I'm really quite tempted to add this to my growing jewelry collection...

Now these Divided Elegance earrings are what really induced me to make this into a shop feature since I couldn't leave them OR the above necklace out. Of course I want to feature all the items in store, but these in particular speak to me. Alone, the filigreed half moons are absolutely gorgeous! But the addition of the Swarovski crystal, in a lovely emerald shade with an AB (aurora borealis) shine, really takes these earrings to the next level. This earwire bead is a signature style of adornyou, and adds some charm to otherwise plain earwires.

Now this wouldn't be a true feature if I only showed you 2 of my favourites. So here are a few more for you to drool over. Just remember to lean back so you don't ruin your keyboard!

Diamond Noir is absolutely a show-stopper. This intricate pendant is so unique! I love how the seed beads are woven between the 2 silver diamonds, starting out with one bead at the top, and thickening out at the bottom. The wire-wrapped peacock pearl dangling in the centre adds colour, flair and movement to the pendant. You definitely would not have to worry about running into someone else with this same necklace!

Speaking of unique necklaces, I love this Leaves of Ashes necklace too. The ebony wood leaf is wonderfully complimented by the gunmetal chain, and has a really cool shape. I really like the look of wood, or other unusual media, in jewelry. It makes for some really one of a kind items. The light blue bead, cupped in a leafy beadcap, adds a punch of colour (while the leaves brings everything together). You can't go wrong with a little colour.

Many of my favourite pieces from adornyou follow a pattern or fall into a certain style, just looks through the items I just showed you. All of them have a solid base colour (in silver or black) with striking focal pieces. And then a splash of colour is added for interest. I think this approach results in elegant and refined jewelry pieces that are bound to find a special place in your collection, to be worn again and again.

Speaking of wearing something again and again, I just had to show off one of my pairs of earrings from adornyou. This shade of green looks really good with so much of my wardrobe that I really have to remind myself to wear some of my other pairs of earrings sometimes too. I love the shape of the earwires, and how the silver brings out the sparkle of the green stone. And if you hurry, you can pick up the last pair of these Sea Mist earrings!!!

OK, now that you've ogled my favourites, run on over to adornyou and let me know which pieces you love the most!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful promo!

Adornu's work is lovely!
I've purchased her things and I really like them.

Diane said...

Very beautiful stuff. I especially love the earrings (both pairs)

Debra said...

Those are all great!
I love the sea mist earrings.

Angie said...

I love the copper spirograph earrings and the bookmark. Lovely feature.

Anonymous said...

really good promo