Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Item of the day: Amanda Bangle

Seeing as my name is Amanda, I just had to feature this Amanda bangle today. Made by PoppyRayeStudio, the bright colours are cheering me up today. Plus, I think the fabric would make for a very comfortable bracelet. There are many different patterns in shop - which is your favourite?


Unknown said...

I like the Sharon bangle the best, because I like red. It's also batik. I always go for batik!

She is in Southern California where they are having fires. This is scary for horse owners especially, since horses are usually closer to the fires and harder to find a place to evacuate them to. They are not usually welcome at the YMCA.

see this blog, yesterday's entry. Very scary indeed.

Anonymous said...

What is batik?

Piggy said...

That's a very colorful and beautiful bangle! Great fabric :D

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

Batik just doesn't go out of style because it's such it's own style. Creative bracelet!