Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring 2014 Goals

The weather here has been hot and cold - above zero springtime days followed by snowy evenings. But all in all, I do believe spring has sprung! And I am so ready for it!

Before I get into this season's goals, let's have a look back on my winter goals:
  1. Read the eight books on my winter reading list.
  2. Go skating as often as possible. 
  3. Get back into yoga.
  4. Make soup from scratch.
  5. Organize paper in office (go through filing system).
  6. Go through clothing and donate everything I don't wear or doesn't fit.
  7. Cook recipes from November, December, January and February Bon Appétit magazine.
  8. Make and blog a Valentine's day craft.
  9. Paint / experiment with Josée's guestbook painting.
  10. Finish two blocks in the 2013 Woodland Sampler.
Unfortunately, we did not end up going skating very often this winter. In fact, I think it may have only been the once... we tried a few other times, but the ice was always too crowded to be worth lacing them up. I did start to get back into yoga. I was really good for a couple of weeks... then I went to Calgary and completely fell of the wagon again. Arg. It's so hard for me to want to exercise. I just don't like it. I have little enough time for all my favourite hobbies plus general housework; it's nearly impossible to fit in something I just don't want to do. But I need to. I can feel that. So I must. This season!

I didn't do much organizing this winter, though I did get started with the papers in our office. I didn't get much crafting done either, though I did finish one square in the woodland sampler (July) and stitched two frames (not shown):
Not too bad. Could have been better, but not a complete fail.

Anyway, here are my spring goals:
  1. Read the eight books on my Spring Reading list.
  2. Get back into yoga.
  3. Finish a canvas.
  4. Complete six pages in my Amber altered art book.
  5. Visit an art gallery or museum.
  6. Cook recipes from February, March, April and May Bon Appétit magazine.
  7. Blog a workshop.
  8. Stitch two squares in the 2013 Woodland sampler and work on the spring sampler.
  9. Go for at least three hikes.
  10. Organize my closets.
  11. Find a dentist and make an appointment. Also book a massage.
  12. Finish going through the Art of Spring workshop.
A slightly longer list due to incomplete items from the winter. Hopefully I'll be able to cross out a few more this time!

What are your goals for spring?

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