Thursday, March 13, 2014

My (Surprise) Trip to Calgary

It's been a little quiet over here the last two weeks, but for good reason. I was in Calgary over the weekend! Mom and I flew out Friday morning and returned Monday (mom came with me because Pat wasn't able to). I must say - it was kind of like winning an all-inclusive trip: nearly everything was compliments of my friend's husband. He flew me out as a surprise for her 30th birthday. He had it all planned out: we would get together for dinner Friday night which would surprise her and throw her off from her bigger surprise, the party Saturday night. Worked like a charm! She was beyond surprised - she was speechless (which is really saying something if you knew my friend!).

Mom and I had a great time! We did quite a few "tourist" things while we were there: we walked along 8th Ave - otherwise known as the Sherman Ave pedestrian mall - and found the (inside) mall and the Devonian Gardens there, we went to the Calgary Tower and the zoo, and we spent nearly the entire day Sunday at the Iron Cross outlet mall. We shopped and walked (and walked) and ate some really good food (the tenderloin Saturday night basically melted in my mouth.. SO good! I'm drooling just thinking about it!).

Anyway, here are just a few photos I took while there. I didn't spend much time behind the camera... in fact, I'm ashamed to say I don't even have a photo of my friend and I. Her mom took one of us on the glass floor of the Calgary Tower though; I'll have to ask for a copy!

Our view from the tower, starting with a downward look at the hotel mom and I stayed at:

Sunday, mom and I passed some time in the morning walking through the Sherman Ave mall and checking out (a small part of) the Devonian Gardens (they were blocked off for private functions). First - this plant was the coolest thing I've ever seen - SO fake looking! The fronts of the leaves look painted and the backs were maroon. So neat:

I have more photos from the zoo, but I haven't yet had a chance to go through them. Later!

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