Sunday, March 30, 2014

Project 52: March: Weeks 9 to 13

I'm really happy I have another month of photos for my Project 52. I've tried this project a few times now and was never able to keep up... this year I will! This month, I was a little late with week 12 and not very inspired for week 13, but I did it. And I think with the warmer months coming, this will just keep getting more interesting!

Week 9: our coffee station
Delicious latte for my breakfast!

Week 10: the Calgary Zoo
I couldn't choose a single photo, so I went with two instead.

Week 11: moon rise

Week 12: layers in my latte

Week 13: windowsill line-up
I'll need to do some re-potting this summer I think. And I plan on using these smaller pots to grow my herb garden. 

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