Monday, March 17, 2014

Sketchbook Pages: Outtakes

Here are a few outtakes from when I was working on my latest Amber altered book page - Angie's Garden. The colours were too good not to share! I'm really loving this colour scheme!
These are the (dollar store) alphabet stencils I used for the background. It was messy work, plus I used my fingers to spread around the leftover paint in another sketchbook, but the end result was so pretty! I didn't want to wash my hands after this!

Speaking of using leftover paint in another sketchbook - here it is. The paint is on the right side, spread around with my fingers after I finished the background in my Amber book. This weekend, I decided to complete the left side in "response" using gelatos (scribbled on, spritzed with water and then blended together with my fingers).
This is the paint side. My paint was mixed with glazing medium, so it's shiny and slightly transparent. You can see where some of the paint ended up in the "wrong" place in the gradient - this happened because I was messily wiping it up with my fingers from the palette. Also, since the paint had been drying while I used my stencils, the colours didn't blend into each other as much as the gelatos.

Here's the gelato side. The colours are even more vibrant in person - I love how juicy gelatos always end up. I also incorporated some metallic gelatos, so there's a nice sheen to it as well. Like I said, I just blended it all together with water and my wet fingers. So pretty! I will definitely be using this colour palette over and over this spring!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We don't usually celebrate, but I will be spending it with my favourite Patrick (well, at least the non-work parts of the day)!

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