Sunday, February 9, 2014

Goals: Update

One of my goals for this year was to blog twice a week, every week. And then I didn't blog at all last week. Damn. But I'm not going to beat myself up about it: work in progress! Plus, in the month of January, I blog three times a week twice and four time a week once. So I'd say I'm ahead of the count!

Still, I do want to try to keep on track. The only way to really do that is to periodically look back at my goals and see where I need to pick up the pace. Having them all in one place (a special "Lists and Plans" notebook) really helps.

Today, I'm scanning through three different lists: Winter 2014 goals, 2014 goals and my 28 list. I won't go through each one by one, but here are a few things I need to work on:

  • yoga! 
  • skating!
  • 2013 woodland sampler
  • Josée's guestbook painting
  • organize!
  • update my blog 
  • get back on Etsy
I'm pretty happy with my progress on a few goals too:
  • reading (finished 4 of 8 on my winter list)
  • cooking
  • blogging weekly
  • staying creative, be it writing, painting or sketching
I just need to keep working away at my lists, day by day. In fact, I even started my day today with some morning yoga! This week, I also have my performance evaluation meeting with my managers - improvements all around!

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