Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 Goals

I really enjoy making myself goal lists. Not only do they help with focus, they're really fun to look back upon to see where I've improved, what I've been putting off for a while and where my changing interests lie. So, in that light, let's take a look back at last years list:

2013 Goals

  1. Read 50 new (to me) books. I read 35 (plus re-read one). Not bad - 50 a year was a pretty high benchmark seeing as I wasn't working when I set it. 
  2. Try five recipes from my Jerusalem cookbook. I tried three. But I also tried many new recipes from various magazines and websites, so I don't consider this too much of a fail as the goal was really to try new things. 
  3. Grow an herb garden. I did establish a nice windowsill garden, but I have yet to add herbs to it. I'll be carrying this goal over to 2014.
  4. Save money for our trip to Calgary in May. DONE. What a great trip!
  5. Practice yoga daily. Every few weeks, I try to get back into this one, but haven't had the consistency I'd like to consider this goal accomplished. Another one for 2014. 
  6. Blog at least three times a week. I started out the year strong, but gradually decreased until I was barely blogging three times a month. Another goal for 2014.
  7. Make gifts and cards in advance this year - send them early, be more prepared for birthdays and holidays. I made a few gifts, but nothing as I'd hoped. Something I still need to work on.  
  8. Do a photo-an-hour once a month. Not even close to being accomplished. I really have neglected my camera this past year, something else I'd like to amend this year. 
  9. Update my blog: new banner, colours, goddess. This has been a goal of mine for a while now. This year is the year to do it (as I said last year...). 
  10. Journal - write, doodle, collage - every day. Stretch my creative wings. I think I can say I really accomplished this. It may not have been technically every single day, but it's close enough for me to be very happy about this.
All in all, a pretty good year. I'm also fairly happy about a goal I didn't write down, but has been recurrent for me since I finished my degree: take a class (in anything). In 2013, I signed up for four online art workshops as well as a French class through work (although with my work schedule, I was only able to attend four of nine classes).

2014 Goals
  1. Read at least 25 books - from those books that I already own (plus some new ones I'm sure).
  2. Blog at least twice a week.
  3. Get back into daily morning yoga (which ultimately means going to bed a bit earlier).
  4. Get outside - hike, skate, bike, walk.
  5. Grow some herbs and keep my other plants alive and thriving (which means repotting some of them).
  6. Organize, organize, organize. Follow monthly declutter plan. Use up supplies and organize craft space. Donate things / clothes / dishes we don't use. Clean out the fridge and pantry. Keep things clean. Finish unfinished canvases and journals. Decorate with original art (including my own).
  7. Update blog design.
  8. Take a class - learn something new.
  9. Put more thought into gifts and cards to loved ones. Make the most of every phone call and visit.
  10. Be creative every day - be it in the kitchen, at my craft desk or on the couch with a journal or sampler.
My primary, highest priority goal for this year is to organize myself, my space, my life. Settle into a healthier routine. Enjoy where I am right now.

What are your goals for this year?

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Angie said...

I'm hoping to grow some herbs too! And start developing my flower beds...maybe even start a garden :) ... and take a class - always say that one, but never works out with work shifts. Maybe this year!