Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Sketchbook Challenge

I picked up this book by Sue Bleiweiss on Amazon quite some time ago - well over a year. I browsed through it immediately, but then set it aside for our move to Etobicoke and other creative endeavours / workshops. Finally, a month or so ago, I picked it up again and was totally inspired! I can't believe it took me so long to work my way through it! The book is a series of sketchbook prompts featuring a couple of amazing artists and techniques for each one. I highly recommend it! I know for sure that I'll be paging through it again and again when I need a special dose of inspiration (and I have a few new artists to research as well!).

I challenged myself by responding to each prompt with a simple black ink doodle:

Around the same time, I was painting my "A Week in the Life" art book page and used up the leftover paint in my green sketchbook. I attempted to make an impression by pressing the pages together but the paint was already too tacky and simply tore up the thick paper. I actually love how this turned out and think it fits perfectly for the "weathered beauty" prompt:
Don't you just love when things don't go as planned but end up even better than you could have possibly hoped?

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