Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sketchbook Pages: Here and There

I have multiple sketchbooks and artbooks on the go right now because I like using each one for a slightly different purpose or project. Here are a few pages from those sources.

First, a few doodles from my everyday sketchbook (Pilot and Sharpie pens):

Occasionally I'll use this everyday sketchbook for a quick collage (patterned scrapbook paper and vintage book pages):

If I'm going to experiment with watercolour media though, I typically reach for my extra-long sketchbook with watercolour paper (Neocolor II, gelatos, watercolour pencils):

And occasionally my green sketchbook (gelatos):

Other books, like my Amber altered book, I use for more "finished" pages. I'll show you one of those tomorrow!

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