Monday, August 26, 2013

28 List

Another year, another list. I wasn't very good about completing anything on my 27 Things To Do Before Turning 27 list... hopefully this year will be better!

First, let's recap:

27 Things To Do Before Turning 27:
  1. read 50 new books (45/50)
  2. finish my Krez short story - worked on it, but not nearly enough
  3. find a job
  4. read 5 French books (1/5)
  5. volunteer (animal rescue? Hospital?)
  6. take a course (dance, exercise, art, work, etc)
  7. learn (to read) Dutch fluently
  8. visit another country  - I'm willing to count this as crossed off since I visited a new province...
  9. bake 27 new recipes - Maybe? Didn't keep track...
  10. visit 3 new farms / wineries - Maybe? Didn't keep track...
  11. ride some roller coasters
  12. go swimming in the ocean - I'm willing to count this as crossed off since I swam in a new (to me) body of water
  13. go skating outdoors at least once
  14. find 5 new hiking trails - Maybe? Didn't keep track... can really only think of one or two...
  15. bike more than once all summer!
  16. develop a new exercise routine including daily yoga - working on this
  17. design logos for Ulixis, blog and shops
  18. design and sell another journaling workshop
  19. design a calendar for 2014
  20. start a new 365/52 project (collage a day/week)
  21. make 3 downloadable files for the blog (reading list, calendar, art, agenda, etc)
  22. increase blog readership by 50%
  23. run another ACEO-X
  24. finish 2 cross-stitch pieces - started a bunch, does that count?
  25. paint that plain tea pot
  26. make myself an article of clothing and wear it
  27. make 27 new coptic notebooks
So I officially crossed out 3/27 - or, if I'm being extremely generous, around 8/27. Not so good. 

Hopefully this year will be a bit more attainable!

28 Things To Do Before Turning 28
  1.  read 50 new books
  2. read 5 French books
  3. join (or start) a book club
  4. catalog all my books
  5. maintain a daily yoga routine
  6. go skating at least once a week all winter
  7. find a new place to explore (museum, hiking trail, gallery, etc) once a month (and document each excursion)
  8. cut down on take out to once or twice a month - pack lunches for work everyday
  9. grow an herb garden
  10. cook one new recipe from each month's Bon App├ętit magazine (and keep record of each one!)
  11. blog at least twice a week - take lots of photos on the weekend to make this easier
  12. revive Etsy shops, one at a time
  13. design new blog logo, layout and colour scheme
  14. design one or two tutorials (at least), including video, and post them here
  15. design and post a journaling workshop
  16. sew mom's bedspread, pillowcase and napkins (before Thanksgiving!)
  17. finish the 2013 woodland sampler
  18. write something daily - diary, story, whatever, however long or short, write!
  19. work out a design for my sister-in-law's tree "guest book" painting
  20. fill 2 regular black sketchbooks
  21. completely fill Amber art book
  22. completely fill Art of Spring sketchbook
  23. finish 5 canvases and post on Etsy
  24. finish all 3 of the Christy Tomlinson workshops I signed up for last spring
  25. finish the Healthcare Improvement course I started last year
  26. reorganize closets, including my wardrobe (extending to dressers) and jewelry collection (extending to organizing dresser tops)
  27. reorganize my desk and craft space to make it more usable and inspiring
  28. visit a new city and sight-see
I went for plenty of self-improvement goals - many of which will set me on the right path to maintain a healthy routine and accomplish my long-term goals. I'm looking forward to the year ahead - I'm planning on making it the best one yet!

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