Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our New Bedspread

Ever since moving, I've been wanting to get a new bedspread. The brown comforter that we brought with us from Hamilton was fine - a gift, so I feel bad complaining about it - but it just wasn't me. A bit too dark, a bit too.... blah. Boring brown. (Brown, brown, dirty old brown! Mom knows the jingle...)

Still, it was perfectly serviceable, so a new comforter wasn't something I was actively shopping for; it was just something that was lingering in the back of my mind.

And then I saw this at Winners last weekend:
I was immediately sold. The colours! The pattern! The reversibility! (It doesn't get much better than two quilts in one.) It's perfect and perfectly me. And a really great fit for the blue furniture I have in the bedroom:
Dirty clothes on the floor = keeping it real (or that's what I'll tell myself anyway)

Also - I've had the blue side showing all week. I turned it to orange to take these photos (and because I'm thinking orange for summer-fall and blue for winter-spring... but I'm sure I'll be spontaneously switching it back and forth on a monthly or bi-monthly basis).
The pattern is just so good! I can't help but smile every time I find myself in the bedroom!

I've actually never had a quilt before - it's always been a comforter covering my bed. I used to think I preferred a comforter since they seem cosier. But I rather like the weight of this quilt: not too stiff or smothering (Pat's a hot sleeper who requires a blanket no matter the temperature) but not so light that we'll need a heavy blanket underneath for the winter (although we probably still will so that I can have the window open).

All in all, a very happy change. And perhaps just the incentive I need to "finish" that room a bit more (i.e. add some art to the walls and some organization to the dresser tops)...

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Angie said...

Love the orange and blue! I grew up with a comforter too, but once I got a duvet I was won over.