Tuesday, August 13, 2013


My toes needed a new coat of polish (My apologies to anyone averse to feet: my excuse is that I can't really paint my finger nails due to my job so my toes get extra attention. Plus I just like painting my toenails!). And since Pat was working this weekend, I had time to spare. So I decided to paint some watermelon:
Avon nailwear pro+ - Watermelon
Avon nailwear pro - Electric Green
Avon nail art enamel - Delicate White
Avon nail art enamel - Black Drama
Avon dotting tool

No, I wasn't inspired by the name of the nail polish. In fact, I was going to use a different pink when I remembered I had an even better shade. Lo and behold, it was even named for the goal I had in mind!

I LOVE how these turned out. I was tempted to make a mini watermelon on each toe (basically green and white French tips), but that sounded too difficult on my tiny nails. I was then going to just recreate that idea on my big toes (but was still debating what to do on the others) when I thought to make the babies green, with the white stretched between. Perfect! And so cute!

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